Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray in "Sins of the father...for which the innocent daughter is being made to pay..."

Peter Ray a.k.a Peter Rakobowchuk, working the late shift one night in 1978, read the news on Vancouver CKO Radio, of a prominent member of the East-Indian B.C. community drowning in the swimming pool in the States in a desert vacation spot (I think Nevada) while on holiday,with the following remark to the eulogy "only a "raghead" could be so stupid as to get drowned in sand.."

He was fired at once and he's been a respected journalist with a great career...and the incident kept secret ever since in the Canadian mainstream media... 

Peter Ray has been in mainstream media for nearly forty years. He must be the only journalist in the world with not a single photo whatsoever of him anywhere in all that time, except those I have put on the net.

Peter Rakobowchuk now broadcaster, reporter, editor, videographer etc... at The Canadian Press(Montreal) with wife Patricia (Pat) Enborg also a journalist, formerly with (CJAD, CBC etc.) are the best kept secret fraudsters of the Canadian media. I married him after meeting him in Vancouver, working as modelling director at Jerry Lodge Talent Agency, (home at the time to Michael J. Fox) and Peter Rakobowchuk worked as news director under the alias Peter Ray at CKONews Radio. We went on many trips in beautiful British Columbia, our careers were going well when Peter, working the late night shift, read the news of a prominent member of the East-Indian B.C. community drawing in the swimming pool in the States in a desert vacation spot (I think Nevada) while on holiday. 

I have kept this secret for nearly forty years. That time I believed the lie he concocted up to explain away that shameful incident, as I didn't really know him yet and being in love wanted to believe he was a knight in shining armor. But if a man is capable to abandon his own small daughter with no money in a then still communist country because he met a new woman and never even look to see if she was alright, that man would most certainly have no feeling of respect or compassion for a person of East-Indian origin.