Family Album ( V ) with Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, my Ex-husband and Giselle, Our Daughter...

Lies her father (Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray) told you… (Part I)...and the truth he didn't...

Happenings that never happened...according to Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray and/or second wife Patricia/Pat Enborg (Part 5)

Peter Ray a.k.a. Peter Rakobowchuk was fired as news director from Vancouver CKO Radio in '78, after less than a year working there because of racist remarks he made on the air about a prominent member of the East-Indian community, calling him a "stupid Raghead for drawing in sand" the day he died in a swimming pool accident in a desert vacationing spot in the State. I, believing the story he invented about this disgusting incident, gave up my great career as modelling director, working with Marie Morton, legendary talent agent, owner of Jerry Lodge Talent Agency, Michael J. Fox and many talented people in Vancouver His ended up with a greatest career and mine finished as he and second wife Patricia Pat Enborg, for whom he dumped me and our daughter have been doing everything in their power with the help of the media they are members of to discredit us so this shame of Canadian journalism wouldn't be found out.

                                              Marie Morton and Agota Szabo

After he was fired and me believing the big lie he invented about the ugly incident, feeling sorry for him, I invited him to come with me to visit my parents in Hungary. When Peter Rakobowchuk, aka Peter Ray, disgraced journalist had found a job with Broadcast News-The Canadian Press we moved to Ontario. I started looking for work when I had to make another choice.

                                   Peter Rakobowchuk with Suzie by Lake Ontario

Glamour has a tendency to fade with keeping house for a husband a baby and a great dane

And so does with glamour the love of a gigolo type husband too fades

Peter's attitude changed  as I became a full time housewife-mother..He showed more openly he kind of looked down on me. I was raising HIS childgave up MY career, yet he had the nerve to tell me he "didn’t marry a housewife". His now-wife Patricia/Pat Enborg only had children after years of their living together and when I sued him for child support ...

I started painting, Seeing a new venue to fame and fortune he hoped I wouldn't stay a "stay-at-home housewife, mom" not advancing his career but become a trophy again he could show around and boast about to boost his own image.

Patricia (Pat) Enborg, Peter's present wife, a young female journalist in her early-mid 20's, started working on Parliament Hill, where Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, now my ex-husband also did.

Until that time he was a good husband and father. She easily got Peter under her strong influence and changed him..

Where and how Patricia/Pat Enborg got her husband

She lies. She worked on Parliament Hill in the early 80's with Peter, not in the mid 80's

close group indeed...must have been if she felt she could just take the husband of somebody else home with her...I truly wonder just how many people and whom she entertained before she actually hooked Peter ..