Peter Rakobowchuk - Peter Ray The Canadian Press (Broadcast News) reporter and Patricia (Pat) Enborg, his present wife, former reporter - the "fraud-couple" of Canadian journalism

Peter Rakobowchuk and Pat Enborg - "The Fraud Couple" of Canadian journalism. The former, also incognito Peter Ray, Peter_R_Space, journalist with many jobs using these names at The Canadian Press (Broadcast News), the latter, Patricia, his second, present wife, also a former reporter of the mainstream media

Peter Rakobowchuk, fired for racist remarks he made on the air as alias Peter Ray, Vancouver CKO news director. He has been published since, for decades, as The Canadian Press - Broadcast News journalist under both names separately as if two different journalist

Peter Rakobowchuk at present and then, as my husband

Ruining the lives of Peter's own, first, natural, legitimate child, Giselle and his first, legal wife, Agota Szabo artist, Peter Rakobowchuk a.k.a. Peter Ray, together with his second wife Patricia (Pat) Enborg, this "Fraud Couple" do not shy away from lies, cheating, smear campaign to keep their machinations secret, to hide the election fraud he had committed in Kirkland, Quebec in 2008, and the fact that he was fired for racist remarks he made on the air when he was news director at CKO news radio in Vancouver, using in mainstream media twowith his Twitter account three distinctively different names to avoid facing the public and the justice system.

Peter Ray aka Peter Rakobowchuk worked less than a year at Vancouver CKO, before fired for racist remarks, he made on the air

After defaming us by declaring he has only two children as if we, his first legal family did not exist, they discredited me and my daughter. They
 keep ruining our lives, hiding, lying, protected by the safe walls of journalism and by not coming forward to admit or deny our allegations, they are continually constraining us to do, what otherwise we would never have done; to put in public many of the most private moments of our lives, only to clear our names slandered by this "Fraud Couple".

Lying in her own blog, just recently Pat, Patricia Enborg lied to hide the actual time she had worked on Parliament Hill with my then-husband Peter Rakobowchuk before he abandoned us without a penny or any means of making a living in Hungary, in order to move together with Pat and to avoid paying child support they have become  the "Fraud Couple".

Why? Why do they still have all my things, after decades?

Not enough taking her father away when she as just a child, now Patricia, Pat Enborg, "proverbial stepmother" bullying, mocking Giselle on social media ...