Family Album ( III ) with Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, my Ex-husband and Giselle, Our Daughter... 
Happenings that never happened...according to Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray and/or second wife Patricia/Pat Enborg (Part 3)

Saying farewell to beautiful British Columbia

Peter Rakobowchuk lost his news director job for making a degrading racial remark on the air, using his alias name Peter Ray at Vancouver CKO Radio. He managed to get a job back in Ontario with Broadcast News (The Canadian Press). I faced a tough decision; say good bye to him or give up a lucrative career I liked very much and move with him to Toronto. It was a difficult choice besides as besides being a great career, I worked with people like Michael J. Fox, when Kim Cattrall was home in B.C. I sent her on modelling assignments too, besides many great people I became very fond of. It was difficult to leave them, especially Marie Morton, the owner and director of Jerry Lodge, one of the greatest and loveliest persons I ever met in my life. She possessed that rare combination of high integrity with a kindest heart to match it. Her and her family's kindness often eased the sadness of homesickness and my missing my family back in Hungary, I had not seen nearly ten years by that time.

Marie Morton and Agota Szabo

I made the decision, believing him to be a very different person than he was in reality I moved with Peter Rakobowchuk to Ontario.. Blind or rather stupid I was to believe the story he concocted up about the grave incident at his work.

I had a consolation though at the time. I was able to go home to Hungary .Feeling sorry for Peter for losing his job I invited him to come with me to Hungary.

With my family and Peter in Hungary for the first time after all those years.

A month later, we made it to Ontario

Our loyal car by the shores of Lake Ontario