Patricia Enborg, homewrecker, Peter Rakobowchuk, her-present-my-ex-husband,  a.k.a. Peter Ray "The Canadian Press" reporter, former news director at CKO Vancouver and the machinations of these two to discredit his first, legal family

Peter Rakobowchuk a.k.a Peter Ray denied the existence of his first legal child from his first marriage just as Patricia (Pat) Enborg wrecked our home.

First family of Peter Rakobowchuk, before he abandoned us

Patricia(Pat) Enborg had Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray "The Canadian Press" reporter send his first Canadian family to Europe, and left them there, so she could marry him.

I used to think Don Newman, CBC broadcaster a real gentleman, a great journalist. I used to think highly of him...

Don Newman started work on Parliament Hill about the time we moved to Ottawa. Don Newman (CBC) and Peter Rakobowchuk (Broadcast News - The Canadian Press) worked on Parliament Hill as members of The Parliamentary Press Gallery at the same time for several years.

Patricia/Pat Enborg an Ontario gal, in her early-mid 20's also worked on Parliament Hill that time. (Selkirk News - Manitoba paper)

Soon, (with the legal, first family sent and left in Europe in the eighties) Patricia appears by Peter's side in.Quebec City, Montreal, holding prestigious mainstream media jobs at CJAD... CBC...etc...

Now, she is Peter's 2nd wife and also his campaign manager.


Pat became Peter's wife yet no trace on the net of Peter Rakobowchuk being married to Patricia/Pat Enborg. They are not seen anywhere with their own Rakobowchuk children, Lisa and Alex, either.

There are posts of Pat, boasting of being married to Peter Ray a pseudonym name only. Not a word of Peter Rakobowchuk, as her husband. 


Patricia, living with Peter as wife-campaign manager has full access to Peter's computer, e-mails, internet accounts and she is an expert in communication and digital media. Peter is not.