„Lies, her father, Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray The Canadian Press journalist told you and to his brother" Gerry Rakobowchuk and his wife Judy Rakobowchuk, our witnesses at our wedding in Ontario, concluding in Canada his curious incidence in Hungary (part 1) 

Peter Rakobowchuk at present and then, as my husband

Lies of Peter Rakobowchuk debunked: 

Letter sent on Facebook to Giselle by my brother-in-law Gerry, her uncle. The lack of his „surprise, joy and loving care in his his answer to Giselle's first letter, after decades of not hearing or knowing anything of his niece is very telling.

Paragraph 1

the seminars the weekly meetings and his writing about forgivness, love (on the telephone too) without the wish to meet in person could indicate his being a member of some kind of a sect

Paragraph 2.

Gerry writes Giselle, Peter had told him I had just packed up (on the telephone said I even cleaned out our apartment in Ottawa and went to Hungary to an unknown location 

The photos clearly prove Peter lied. He was in Hungary with Giselle, a year later he dumped us, his first Canadian wife and his first child on my parents no money nor a chance for me to make a living there as a Canadian visitor.

According to Peter then,
left a lovely, two-bedroom Ottawa downtown home,

a nice, steady good marriage and good husband of several years (so I thought till then), 

respected, comfortable (at times even luxurious)Canadian life of 15 years,

my painting I had started for which I and several people in the profession had great hopes, to make up for my lost great career with Marie Morton, lost because of Peter,

only to go to a poor country still under communist rule at the time, to give up my Canadian rights, with no job possibilities, live with my parents, my brother and his children, crammed intoone small room with my daughter, the most important thing of my life. 

Paragraph 3

My daughter growing up, living and going to school in Ottawa, was always ashamed, for having such a cruel „respected journalist” for a father, who wouldn’t even visit her or write to her. Peter new where we lived as I had finally started legal proceedings for child support after nearly 10 years of his getting away not paying a cent for Giselle,

He and his „greedy companion” Patricia, Pat Enborg had no children at the time, both working in mainstream media, collected substantial salaries yet I doubt they would have been able to buy a house if he had payed for his own child’s growing up, like all decent and normal fathers. His lawer’s excuse for not wanting to pay for his own child was he had to support his working wife.

Paragraph 4

Peter never contacted us, as it might have cost him a few extra dollars. In Hungary he had my parents' address never even sent a postcard or a little present to his daughter over whom he lied he was so "devastated". Giselle kept hoping for some note or letter from him but far beyond our knowledge at the time, he was busy being entertained in some powerful ways by Patricia (Pat) Enborg, our homewrecker, with total control over his money

Pat Enborg bullying Giselle, her stepdaughter on social media right after she had put up a post on Twitter to try contact her father and put up a photo of the two of them when with a white sash in her hair...She had help from her master and teacher Joey Elias, a Montreal comedian..

Wasn't enough taking her father away, now, Patricia, Pat Enborg, "proverbial stepmother" bullying, mocking Giselle on social media

Paragraph 5,

Giselle, living in Canada now, called her uncle Gerry Rakobowchuk a couple of months ago. Also called her father just after moving back to Canada, when Peter told her, though he gave life to her he could not be her father, it was too late now. Gerry told her to forget her father and since she had never met her siblings she should just forget about them too. Though, he was extremely surprised Peter denied my and Giselle's existence when she told him about theLBPSB website having his post, declaring he had only two children defaming me and Giselle for six years. He admitted he did not understand that.

I know of no religions, organizations, political parties that actually prohibit meeting one's own father and siblings...

only sects...




1978, Vancouver B.C. The news was read live on Vancouver CKO Radio by Peter Ray a.k.a Peter Rakobowchuk, with the following remark to the eulogy "only a "raghead" could be so stupid as to get drowned in sand.."

He was fired at once... he's been a respected journalist with a great career...and the incident kept secret ever since in the Canadian mainstream media...

The two moved everything from our home to Quebec, where nobody knew anything about Peter Rakobowchuk, incognito Peter Ray nor his fist, legal, Canadian family abandoned by him…Peter Rakobowchuk and Patricia/Pat Enborg had no children until I sued him. She also worked as a journalist, also in mainstream media, but gave not a single penny to contribute to his own first, natural and legitimate child for nearly ten years, when finally the court ordered him to start paying child support… I got less than ten percent of his salary…

he LBPSB page with Peter Rakobowchuk's s LIEdefaming his own daughter and me without our knowledge for SIX YEARS was changed in 2014defamed us to discredit us. Yet, NO APOLOGIES, NO CORRECTION since, that Peter Rakobowchuk a.k.a. Peter Ray is the father of THREE children (not two) with Giselle, his first natural, legitimate daughter.

Link: http://www2.lbpsb.qc.ca/eng/elections/index.asp (CLICK on Candidates below School Board Elections) 

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School Board Elections
Candidates Nominated
The following persons have filed Nomination Papers to run in the October 26, 2008 By-election:
Electoral Division 12
Nazia Nadeem 
(Withdrawn Sept. 26,2008)
Domenico Pavone
Susan Williams

Electoral Division 15

Conny J. Held 
(Withdrawn Oct. 2, 2008)
Don Rae
Peter Rakobowchuk
Lana Roberts

Electoral Division 12 

School Board Elections
Candidates Nominated
The following persons have filed Nomination Papers to run in the October 26, 2008 By-election:
Electoral Division 12
Nazia Nadeem 
(Withdrawn Sept. 26,2008)
Domenico Pavone
Susan Williams

Electoral Division 15

Conny J. Held 
(Withdrawn Oct. 2, 2008)
Don Rae
Peter Rakobowchuk
Lana Roberts

Electoral Division 12 
 Domenico Pavone
Tel.: 514-944-4945

Dear Parents,

Elect Domenic Pavone.

I am married and proud father of two children, one of whom attends public school and the other is too young to start, but will be soon enrolled.

I am running not for political reasons, but for the opportunity to represent you, I will be your pro-parent voice at council.

My previous international travels have shown how great a country can become when the emphasis and proper resources are put in place for education. I firmly believe that education of our children is the best investment we can make; for they will become our future leaders, doctors, presidents...

If elected I endeavor to:

•    support and augment programs for all students, notably in the mathematics, science, computer and language fields

•    communicate closely with the principals and the governing boards of the schools in Ward 12 to ensure parents needs are being met

•    as a future project, revamp the manner in which school consumable fees are collected in order to provide a direct tax benefit to parents, i.e. tax deductibility

 Susan Williams
165 Colombier, Ile Bizard H9C 2K1
Tel.: 514-620-4745

As an elementary school teacher for the past 24 years and an active volunteer in the public school system since 1992, education is my passion. My experience ranges from working in the classroom to being a long-standing member of governing board, PPO and the Central Parents’ Committee. From 2002-2007, I held the elected position of parent commissioner for secondary schools, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience as a member of the Council of Commissioners. I continue to volunteer at the LBPSB, assisting with governing board training and professional development activities for our community.

I am the mother of three LBPSB graduates, have lived in Ile Bizard since 1984, and am very familiar with the community in Ward 12. If elected, I look forward to working with all partners in education and being your voice on the Council of Commissioners, helping to ensure success for our youth and adult learners.

 Electoral Division 15

Don Rae
58 Waverley, Pointe Claire H9S 4W8
Tel.: 514-697-9878
Fax: 514-697-9878

Structural Engineer (PEng).

A parent-volunteer of children attending  Allancroft, Beacon Hill, John Rennie, BHS, I have the background and experience to understand the Board’s needs.
I am an enthusiastic and energetic believer in the public school system and would be privileged to help fortify the Board’s future.

I  SALUTE our language teachers, and PRAISE Bilingual Graduates who seek Innovation, Consensus, not Confrontation.

1.    I will fight for prudent management of Public Funds entrusted to the Board.
2.    I will oppose government subsidies to Private Schools. We must reduce Council, meal, social, and travel expenses.
3.    As an educator I will work to reduce drop outs. I will work with my colleagues to champion “SAFE SCHOOLS”, create A CODE of CONDUCT to outlaw bullying and drug and alcohol use.
4.    I will promote additional service for Special Needs and Gifted Students.

Version Français   www.donrae.ca.
Peter Rakobowchuk
63 Kirkland Blvd., Kirkland H9J 1N5
Tel.: 514-697-4592

I am seeking election as Commissioner in Ward 15 and I would appreciate your support. As the father of two children, I have been deeply involved in numerous roles in the community and its schools for more than five years.

I have been a member of the Windermere Elementary and Sherwood Forest Elementary governing boards; helped organize Home and School fundraising activities, chaired the Sector 3 Parents Committee which represented 14 schools; and have been actively involved in the LBPSB Central Parents Committee. I am also a member of the Kirkland Safety and Security Committee.

If elected I would strive to improve communications between the board and parents, promote programs to make our schools more attractive and ensure consistent help for special needs children.

I would do my best to make sure parents and children have what they need to get the most out of their education system.

Lana Roberts
167 Westcroft Road, Beaconsfield H9W 2M2
Tel.: 514-697-3904
Cell: 514-952-0988

I am running for Commissioner for the L.B.P.S.B. because I believe in public education.

It is our duty to our children to afford them a place where they can blossom into responsible members of our community and society at large. To this end, our schools need not only be a building, but an environment where a child feels safe, secure, engaged and motivated to learn.

In today’s challenging economy, it is more important than ever to be fiscally responsible, and our schools are no exception. We all need to work together to ensure that resources are allocated to greatest needs.

As a parent of a child who will be entering the public school system next year, I can offer you my commitment to work with our community and leaders to ensure our public schools are not only a great place to learn, but alternatively, the schools of choice.

With Giselle and I living in Europe, Peter Rakobowchuk LIED in public, that he had two children.

Patricia (Pat) Enborg, Peter's wife a communication expert must have written and posted the lie on the LBPSB website for their smear campaign against us.

Their lie on the website of LBPSB was kept six years accessible and readable specially for the people they lied to in Hungary and Canada, like journalists and politicians.

One of their worst lie that Giselle was not from Canada but was a Ukranian or Russian refugee has ruined our reputation in my own hometown in Hungary.

Peter and Patricia, looking down on people living in Eastern Europe, thinking them gullible and backward, foresaw they'd believe any lies written by a "Canadian god of the Olympus of journalism". Patricia Enborg never uses the Rakobowchuk name as it is NOT ENGLISH, and surely she wouldn't want to be taken for a lowly "Ukranian".

This PUBLIC LIE of Peter Rakobowchuk was/is used to defame me and my daughter to discredit us by sending the link of this site to chosen people. Likely, Patricia has spread the lies about us from The Canadian Press e-mail (IP) addresses of Peter Rakobowchuk or Peter Ray, using the reputation of (CP), his employer to get credit for their lies.

Peter Rakobowchuk aka Peter Ray, "The Canadian Press" reporter's articles, photos are being continually published in mainstream media, giving their LIES credibility, but ruining Giselle's and mine. Patricia/Pat Enborg as a former journalist.must be calling upon all her old contacts of her "close group" to help her

She must also be doing Peter's internet work as he lacks even some of the very basic knowledge (just like many older reporters) of the net as his conversation with Giselle, his daughter proved it.

Why else would a reporter use two different names at the same company, at the same time? It is unheard of, as unusual, as a father denying the existence of his own, natural, legitimate, grown up daughter, to keep up the web of lies he and Patricia Enborg have been living for years and built a life on.

Peter Rakobowchuk a "true parent representative" didn't want to pay child support for his own child, Giselle, his lawyer wrote Peter had to support Patricia (Pat) Enborg his new wife a young journalist, childless "career woman" with a good job in radio and a new house he had bought.

I only got child support from him after the Court ordered him to pay! Less than 10% of is salary.

February 12, 2003

cfny who's who CJAD..CBC...impressive

Patricia (Pat) Enborg

Worked in Toronto...Parliament Hill, Ottawa...Montreal...Quebec City...Montreal...just like Peter

she worked a lot in fundraising...

"along the way" she married Peter Ray, a.k.a Peter Rakobowchuk my ex-husband, legal, biological father of Giselle.