Giselle, daughter of Peter Rakobowchuk a.k.a. Peter Ray, journalist for The Canadian Press (Broadcast News) moved with her mother, Agota from Canada to Hungary...anno...

It is about the time we, Giselle, (our daughter with Peter Rakobowchuk, my ex-husband) and I moved from Canada to Hungary. The local paper wrote an article about me, the "Canadian" artist, born in Hungary, moving back home so she could paint there..

Agi (Agota) and some of her most favourite paintings

"Szabo Agota finished high school with excellent marks. She wanted to be an artist but her parents sent her to a university of medicine...she "defected" as it was called those days...she herself doesn't know why Italy attracted her... Later she lived in Canada,

"...she became a department manager...She sent models to large magazines to present their clothes. It is memorable for her that Michael J. Fox, who became a great star later, was among them. (Agota) Agi's career broke in half when she married a radio reporter and they moved away. But something new started for her when their daughter (Giselle) Gizella or Zsizsi was born.

"...when she grew up a little Agi took out her old dream, painting. She studied from books. Her daughter is studying at Sagvari in first year. Her mother tells about the difficulties she has with her study materials. Though Zsizsi speaks the colloquial Hungarian (besides English she speaks French, German and now learning Italian)..."

"...I had exhibitions by then as I did become a painter. With the help of my Italian contacts I visited the famous Italian painter Pietro Annigoni with my paintings. He encouraged me, trusted in my talent . But I kept thinking of going to university to take art. They (at the Art Department looked at my paintings and asked why I wanted to go to school when I was already a professional artist."