Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Family Album ( IV ) with Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray, my Ex-husband and Giselle, Our Daughter... 
Happenings that never happened...according to Peter Rakobowchuk alias Peter Ray and/or second wife Patricia/Pat Enborg (Part 4)

That is what Peter Rakobowchuk and wife(?) Patricia Enborg are trying to keep secret from the public

and that how and where Patricia/Pat Enborg's got her husband or rather mine, together with all my belongings...

My signing the Ontario marriage documents

Peter Rakobowchuk a.k.a. Peter Ray signing at our wedding the marriage documents

The small wedding of Peter Rakobowchuk and Agota Szabo in Ontario

And a couple of years later The Rakobowchuk family, including Giselle and me (I was using the Rakobowchuk name officially, too)